Vanessa Pla is a Latinx filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Pla’s work spans a wide range of genres and clients. With a heavy background in production design, most of her directorial work is colorful, surreal and female-driven. Her greatest loves are fashion, music, travel, and cars.

Music has played a driving force in her career, with 10 years of experience directing music videos nationwide. She has worked with artists such as The Black Angels, Night Beats, Joseph, The French Cassettes and many more.

Redefining her femininity, Pla sees a duty to empower women and create projects that highlight the unknown hero. Her commercial clients include Capital One & Taylor Swift, Target, Lillet, Group1001, Parity, and Lucktoberfest.

Selected Work

Tito’s – “Squeezy Clean Lemonade”
Taylor Swift x Capital One – “Eras Tour Giveaway”
Target – “We Are Target”
Lillet – “Spritz”
Lucktober Fest – “Promo”
Shannon & The Clams – “Bean Fields”