Jesse is a commercial and narrative director based in Los Angeles. His commercial work has been seen on TV around the world, working with clients such as Volvo, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Disney, Virgin America, and more. Jesse brings years of experience not only crafting beautiful stories, but also working directly with brands to strategize, write and execute effective campaigns.

On the narrative side, Jesse has directed three features. His latest is BORREGO, a cinematic thriller starring Lucy Hale released in theaters across the US and on digital in January 2022, hitting #3 on the iTunes Indie Charts in the first week. BORREGO came to Netflix in May 2022, making the Netflix Global Top 10 and Top 3 Movies in the US.

Selected Work

Disney – “The Creative One”
Volvo – “Looking Forward”
Dropbox – “Road Trip Worth Saving”
Microsoft – “Microsoft Places”
Acer – “Team Players”
Coca-Cola – “Happier Together Challenge”
Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue
Vana – Launch Video