Craig Tovey was born and raised in Northern California and now lives with no pets and one child in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from writing and directing comedy he is an extraordinarily adequate musical improvisor, boxer, and guitarist. He holds a practically useless Master’s degree in Communication… but time will tell.

Craig moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue comedy at the UCB Theatre where he studied improv, sketch writing, performed for years, and was on a house content team, “The Buzzards.” Since his arrival to L.A. he has been a prolific creator and has produced, written, and directed hundreds of videos.

Craig has extensive experience working with brands and directing celebrities, athletes, and high-profile talent through his commercial work. His many narrative projects and short films have enjoyed success in film festivals over the years. He’s currently working on two screenplays he hopes to produce soon, New Angelenos and Podcaster.

Selected Work

Omaze – “Hummer EV”
Redmond Rock – “Ditch the Block”
Omaze – “Mercedes with Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen”
Stove Top – “Thanksgiving Dinner Pants”